Welcome to the Modular Matters blog!

Welcome to the first Modular Matters blog post!

Modular Matters is the blog of the related news portal Modular Connections.  Modular Matters will add frequent commentary about the modular instrument industry, authored by me, Larry Desjardin. My topics will vary. Sometimes I will cover a major event in the industry. Other times I will offer perspectives that are not apparent from merely reading the straight news. My goal is to add a new post at least once a week, and more often if the situation demands or I feel particularly inspired. Some may be lengthy. Some may be a single sentence or link. Some will confirm the obvious; others may be controversial and provocative. I hope all add some insight about the modular instrument industry.

Let me start with why I launched Modular Connections. Simply put, the industry needs this type of news aggregation site. There’s a lot of great coverage of modular instruments in the media. Great articles, great cases studies, and exciting new products being announced. The electronic press is doing a pretty good job in this regard. However, finding these articles isn’t so easy. Now it can be. Modular Connections uses a diverse set of resources: press news sites, vendor news sites, consortium newsletters, RSS feeds, LinkedIn Groups, and even email and telephone tips. Then we link to those sites. We do the work so you don’t have to.

That’s one advantage: one stop shopping for the news. There’s another advantage. By concentrating the news, patterns emerge that may not be apparent to an occasional reader. One is how applications are being addressed by open modular standards. A quick overview of the articles in the past 2 weeks bears this out. Whether it is the case studies publicized by National Instruments, or the 60-Ghz Wireless Test Solution by Agilent, tough problems are being solved by exploiting the advantages of modular instrumentation.

This blog further complements Modular Connections by adding a third dimension: insightful commentary.

Finally, I want to invite press, vendors and users to participate in Modular Connections. Though we’ve built a pretty good network of finding daily news, we can’t possibly find it all. Let us know of anything we’ve missed. Perhaps it’s an article we overlooked, a new case study, or a new product being announced. As long as it has to do with the open systems of PXI, VXI, or AXIe, it belongs in the news. Send it to us at info@modularmethods.com, and we’ll get it into the next day’s daily digest.

Welcome to Modular Connections, and welcome to the Modular Matters blog!


By Larry DJ

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