T&M World Best of Test: Modular Rises

One more example of the rise of modular instruments: Test & Measurement World’s “Best of Test” Awards.

Now, I’m not a particular fan of reader choice awards, since it is so easy to game the system by massive internal voting. That’s why I like the nominations themselves before the voting, where the editors have made the judgment of the qualified nominees. Gazing through the “Best of Test” entries, I was struck by the density of modular solutions in many of the categories. So I decided to add them up and create some statistics. When I say “modular” below, I mean open system modular, such as PXI or AXIe.

There are 17 categories in the T&M World contest.  None are explicitly modular, and many are categories not associated with modular instruments at all.

Of those, 10 categories had at least one modular nominee.  (59%)

The highest density was ATE/Production Test, where 4 of the 6 entries had a PXI component to them.  While this was expected, modular instruments were also nominated in Bus and Logic Analyzers, RF/Microwave Test, and Source-Measure Instruments, not categories normally associated with modular products.  Some were not identified as modular at all- but astute readers of Modular Matters will recognize some that incorporated PXI internally.

Overall 17 PXI or AXIe-based instruments were nominated for “Best of Test” out of the 75 total (23%), and comprised 36% of the nominees in the 10 categories they competed in. Impressive totals.

I know, totally unscientific. And yet, the presence of modular in so many categories is evidence of the growing contribution being made by PXI and AXIe instruments. Congratulations to all the nominees.

Voting is open until this Friday, December 16.

By Larry DJ

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