This blog is moving to Outside the Box!

Hello readers!  I am moving my weekly commentary to “Outside the Box”.  Click here to see the latest posts.  It is being hosted by Test and Measurement World, a leading publication in the world of test.  

“Outside the Box” will add frequent commentary about the modular instrument industry, embedded test, and other topics outside the domain of traditional box instrumentation.  Read what this new blog is all about here.  I’m very excited and honored to be blogging at such a prestigious magazine. 

After some deliberation, I have decided to continue this site, Modular Matters.  There are advantages for doing so.  I will post the links to any new Outside the Box blog posting here.  I will also post links to any articles I’ve authored.  For example, I recently reported daily from Mobile World Congress, and the articles include more detail than any single blog can.  Therefore, if you follow Modular Matters, you will get instant notification of any new blog postings or articles. Also, the search function in the upper right portion of the Modular Matters home page allows searching for keywords across all of Modular Matters.  I may also report on news or industry dynamics that doesn’t align with the Outside the Box objectives.  The bottom line is that following Modular Matters may very useful for those following the happenings of the test and measurement industry.

To get the latest articles and analysis, tap the + Follow icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen (though the position may vary depending on your browser), and enter your email address.  You will be notified automatically of any new posts. You may also follow me on Twitter at @modularconx

Thank you!  And make sure you check in weekly at Test and Measurement World and Modular Connections to check what is the latest news in modular instruments.

By Larry DJ

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