The Coming Modular Instrument Disruption

Modular instrumentation has seen steady development, outgrowing the traditional box instrumentation over the past decade and the test and measurement market as a whole. Nevertheless, the traditional instrument market remains about 10 times the size of the open-system modular market, largely defined by PXI, VXI, and the emerging AXIe standard.

This is about to change dramatically, due to a number of factors. Powerful forces are igniting a disruptive change in the marketplace where open modular systems will become the dominant architecture for automated test solutions.

In this in-depth industry analysis I use work from great economists, John Forbes Nash and Michael Porter, to analyze the changes occurring in the test and measurement battlefield.  Customer, suppliers, competitors are all analyzed.  My conclusion: A disruptive shift is occurring in the test and measurement industry over the next few years shifting automated test systems heavily towards modular instruments.

Read the entire article here.

By Larry DJ

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