How’s My Divining? Call 1-800-CRYSTALBALL

At the end of 2011, I made 10 predictions about the industry for 2012.  Since we are now 4 months into the year, I though I’d review the predictions to see how I’m doing.  It is also a good way to step back and take a look at the industry as a whole.  Read the summary on each prediction here.

Here are the 10 predictions I will be grading:

1. Modular instruments will outgrow traditional products by 10 points.

2. Asia, and China in particular, will drive big part of modular growth.

3. RF PXI Juggernaut continues.

4. One “big iron” semiconductor test vendor incorporates PXI/AXIe.

5. Modular instruments accelerate transformation of semiconductor characterization market.

6. Three more companies join AXIe.

7. Big Physics embraces AXIe.

8. PXI software standards bring new levels of compatibility.

9. One large VXI to PXI/AXIe conversion. 

10. More evidence of the coming disruption of modular instruments.

By Larry DJ

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