AXIe Works with AdvancedTCA in Embedded Mil/Aero Applications

AdvancedTCA vendors have spent a great deal of time and money trying to penetrate the military/defense market. Indeed, AdvancedTCA is a natural fit for Mil/Aero systems, since it is a high-performance open systems modular COTS technology. However, in practice, many designers are still sticking with VME and related platforms. One reason is that the AdvancedTCA ecosystem does not offer the precision data converters often used in applications such as radar systems and electronic warfare (EW).

The high throughput of the latest AdvancedTCA processor boards coupled with the cutting edge digitizer performance of AXIe is just the ticket for a wide range of mil/aero applications. AdvancedTCA and AXIe together can handle radar, EW, and other signal processing applications that AdvancedTCA cannot manage on its own.

These are not test and measurement systems. These are parts of the actual radar and EW systems. Read the complete article here.

By Larry DJ

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