Autotestcon 2012 Coverage

Autotestcon 2012 was held in Anaheim, CA at the Disneyland Hotel and Convention Center.  Though focused on military ATE, Autotestcon has become the defacto modular instrument conference of North America.  The exhibit floor is bursting with VXI, PXI and AXIe.  I covered the event for Test and Measurement World in a two-part series.  Click the highlighted hypertext below to read the complete articles.

Autotestcon Opening Day included product features from Pickering Interfaces, Ametek (parent company of Elgar), Giga-tronics, Geotest, Adlink, and Agilent Technologies.

Autotestcon Day 2 is smack full of new products and highlights from VTI Instruments, NI (National Instruments), CACI, Cambridge Instruments, Tektronix, Guzik, Teradyne, OpenATE, Tegam, JTAG Technologies, and ZTEC Instruments.

As usual, my observations and commentaries are threaded through the coverage.  I did not cover my own presentation at Autotestcon (“The Future of ATE with Modular Instrumentation”) but you can find Evaluation Engineering’s reporting on the lively panel discussion here.

I believe I supplied the most insightful coverage of Autotestcon 2012 in the industry, but read it and judge for yourself.

By Larry DJ

Agilent Launches PXI RF Signal Generator

With today’s introduction of the M9381A Vector Signal Generator and the M9380A CW Source, Agilent Technologies has preempted the expected slew of introductions at next week’s Autotestcon show.  Blazingly fast with stellar parametric performance, Agilent has thrown down the gauntlet when it comes to PXI RF signal generation. Couple in innovations in DSP, waveform generation, calibration, and global support, and Agilent has expanded the PXI capability envelope in some very interesting dimensions.

Read my entire set of comments here.

By Larry DJ

Hardware Elements of Integrating a PXI System

A previous article entitled Integrating Traditional and Modular Test Instruments focused on the controller and software aspects of integrating box and modular instrumentation into the same system. One advantage of deploying open-system modular instruments such as PXI is the wide set of modules available many different manufacturers. This article will focus on the hardware aspects of integrating multi-vendor PXI instrumentation into a common chassis.  Read the entire article here.

By Larry DJ