What’s up with USB in test systems?

Perhaps USB should be called the Ubiquitous System Bus, because it is everywhere.  You can’t buy a computer without it. There are more and more instruments with USB interfaces.  Where does USB fit in the continuum between traditional and modular instruments?  What are its advantages and disadvantages?  What about speed compared to LXI, PXI, or any of the other standards?

To find the answer these question, you will have to read my most recent blog.

By Larry DJ

New Hybrids Rock the Market

No, we aren’t talking about cars- we’re talking about PXI chassis.  Three manufacturers, Agilent TechnologiesAdlink, and recently National Instruments are now offering fully-hybrid PXI chassis.

My latest post describes the history of PXI, PXI Express, and hybrid slots in one simple lesson. Hybrid chassis bring flexibility and option value to users and system integrators. Find out more about the benefits of hybrid slots here.

By Larry DJ

Test Highway to the Danger Zone

Put on your flight suit and hop into your F-14.  When you land, there’s an array of technicians waiting to keep all that high-tech avionics working in your Tomcat.  These electronic boxes and boards experience environmental and mechanical extremes, and occasionally fail.  That means somebody needs to diagnose and repair them.  And guess what? When they do, they aren’t normally located next to the Geek Squad counter at your local Best Buy.  They’re typically located where the weapon systems are- in the danger zone.  The test equipment itself may be at a high desert hanger or aboard an aircraft carrier in any given corner of the world.  Perhaps the equipment is in a truck that is driven to a site. Each of the armed services has their own particular challenges, but they have one thing in common- the test equipment must be an order of magnitude smaller than traditional instrumentation so it can be readily deployed and use a minimum of space once it is.  All this spells opportunity for VXI, PXI, AXIe, and even LXI.

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By Larry DJ