50 minutes to become an expert in modular instrumentation?

Well, maybe not an expert, but knowledgeable enough to become dangerous. I was asked by Test & Measurement World to create an on-line course entitled Fundamentals of Modular Instrumentation. It’s done, it’s on-line, and it’s free! Designed for test engineers and managers, this course presents an introduction to modular instrument systems, with a particular focus on PXI.  The course explores the basic components of a modular system and key considerations when choosing products.  It also shows how modular instruments may be integrated together with traditional instruments.  National Instruments is the sponsor of the course, and supplied two case studies. The course concludes by examining the two case studies, and using the knowledge presented earlier in the course, analyzes the architectural choices made and why the PXI architecture proved successful.  This course is a must-view tutorial for anyone considering deploying a PXI-based modular system. Find it here.

By Larry DJ

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