“Outside the Box” becomes “Test Cafe”, hosted by EDN

I’ve been writing frequent commentary about VXI, PXI, and AXIe in Outside the Box, hosted by Test and Measurement World.  With the demise of T&MW, and its consolidation within EDN, my blog has moved.  It is now “Test Cafe“.  Don’t worry, it will keep the same focus on modular instrumentation as before.  Better still, all my previous blog posts have been transferred to Test Cafe, so you can find all commentary going back to the beginning.  And, even better, Modular Matters still serves as a searchable archive for all of my articles and blogs, and will automatically redirect to the correct URL within Test Cafe.  How cool is that?

So, either follow Modular Matters by clicking the “Follow” tab at the lower right hand corner of the website, or update your bookmarks to include the link to Test Cafe here.  Modular Matters will link to all new content from me, whether in Test Cafe, or as a separate article or newsletter, so that remains a very good option. 

Larry Desjardin

By Larry DJ

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