Journey to the center of the universe

I had the fortune to visit CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research) earlier this month.  Located on the Franco-Swiss border, CERN is home to the most powerful particle accelerator mankind has ever built, the Large Hadron Collider, otherwise known as the LHC. 

Twenty-seven kilometers of tunnel under ground

Designed with mind to send protons around

A circle that crosses through Switzerland and France

Sixty nations contribute to scientific advance

Two beams of protons swing round, through the ring they ride

‘Til in the hearts of the detectors, they’re made to collide

I met with the team that designs the instrumentation systems for the particle detectors, huge assemblies that weigh the equivalent of 100 747s.  I have predicted AXIe and PXI to play a critical role in big physics, and discussed architectures with this team for a planned 2022 upgrade.  CERN has some very unique requirements for the ATLAS and CMS detectors.  Read the entire article here.


By Larry DJ

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