Larry Desjardin participates on RF Panel at NIWeek 2013

I was invited to participate on a panel discussion at NIWeek 2013 entitled, “Is Your RF Test Bench Obsolete?”  The five panelists were:

  • Doug Johnson, Director of Engineering at Qualcomm Atheros
  • Wade Lowdermilk, Chief Technology Officer at RADX Technologies
  • Larry Desjardin, Founder of Modular Methods LLC
  • David Vye, Editor in Chief at Microwave Journal
  • Jin Bains, Vice President of RF R&D at National Instruments

Moderated by NI’s David Hall, the panel became a spirited discussion about the changes affecting the RF test ecosystem.  We touch on PXI, AXIe, benchtop instruments, and new paradigms for the industry.  We addressed the question of limits to modular instrument measurement precision, and whether bench instruments might ever be modular.

Best of all, the discussion was recorded.

View it here:


By Larry DJ

National Instruments: The Quintessential Platform Play

There are as many ways to innovate as there are companies.  Products.  Services.  Cost.  Reach.  National Instruments is a quintessential platform innovation play.  While some companies find a market or a customer and optimize a product around that application, NI has chosen to invest in a few very flexible and very powerful architectures to address a wide range of applications.  In some ways it seems counter to the mantra of being “customer-focused”, as the platform is, by definition, “general purpose”.  Indeed, it is very difficult to design architectures that must compete against purpose-built products.  But if done right, it can reap huge rewards by creating a business model that turbocharges time to market and flexibility, enabling a company to address a broad set of applications efficiently.

All this is readily apparent to anyone who attended NI Week this past week in Austin, Texas.  You can read my entire report from NIWeek 2013 here.

You will also find there:

  • NI’s FlexRIO strategy as programmable FPGAs
  • New PXI and PXImc products
  • Applications in RF, mil/aero, and physics
  • PXI development card from Hiller Measurements
  • A link to my participation on an RF Panel

Again, the entire article is here.