National Instruments enters manual lab bench instrument market

National Instruments has been a player in measurement automation since the 1970s. With today’s announcement of NI VirtualBench, NI is now also aiming squarely at manual lab bench users.

Whoa! How does a company that avoids equipment with knobs, dials, and displays enter a market that has been nearly defined by the presence of said components? If you are asking yourself this question, then perhaps you missed the debate I ignited a few months ago when I asked, ”Does test equipment really need knobs and displays?” I had the pleasure of discussing the VirtualBench introduction with Chris Delvizis, Senior Product Manager for NI. Referring to my column, Chris said that NI had a categorical answer to that question. “The answer is no.”

Well then, let’s see what this VirtualBench thing is all about.  Read my entire column hereImage

By Larry DJ

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