5 Test Trends I’ll Be Watching in 2015

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Happy 2015!

A colleague once remarked to me, “Test and measurement moves at a glacial rate.” I’ve expropriated this saying many times. Not to dismiss change—just the opposite. The slower pace of change compared to the consumer electronics industry hides the very real trends that are occurring. For professionals in the industry, not recognizing these can be deadly. Like a frog in a heated kettle, one moment is like the next, but you still end up as grenouille served with a glass of rose.

I’ve identified five key trends I’ll be keeping a special eye on this year. They are:

The open modular disruption
All things “RF”
Semiconductor test
Data converters drive instrument architectures
Empowering battery life

To see my observations on each, go to the full article here.

By Larry DJ

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