5G to disrupt the test equipment market

The coming 5G wave is set to not only disrupt the communications sector, but also the test equipment that serves it. While some traditional instrument product categories may be utilized in the development of 5G, the real heavy lifting will be performed by instrumentation not yet invented. The combinations of frequency, spectrum width, data rates, and multi-antenna architectures are simply not present in today’s instruments. But one thing is clear: modular instruments will play a primary enabling role for 5G.

Modular instruments, those based on PXI and AXIe, are well positioned to play a major role in the definition, design, manufacturing, and deployment of 5G systems. In fact, I make a bold observation: if you are a test vendor, and don’t have a modular strategy, you won’t be playing a serious role in 5G. To see what 5G is all about, and why modular form factors are a good match, read the entire article here.

By Larry DJ

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