All of NIWeek 2015 can be reduced to one diagram

NIWeek is National Instruments’ annual conference held every August in Austin, Texas, attracting some 3200 attendees. Flying from the cool mountains of Colorado, the Texas heat slapped me in the face as I stepped off the plane.

Pro tip: Don’t pack any jackets or sweaters if you come to NIWeek. In fact, don’t even pack long sleeve shirts if you plan to walk to the convention – or anywhere else! When you are in Austin in the summer, survival requires scurrying in the open sunlight as little as possible. The goal is to arrive at the NIWeek keynote each morning without looking like you just stumbled across the Sahara.

This blog examines the test and measurement industry from an architectural and business perspective, with a particular focus on modular instrumentation. NIWeek is always a revealing conference as NI unveils new products and applications. You can read my in-depth coverage of the Nokia/NI 5G prototyping system, demonstrated at NIWeek, here.

However, the 5G system was just one of a wide diversity of new applications and technologies shown at the conference. If I had to reduce NIWeek this year to just a single diagram, it would be this:

LabView RIO architecture

Admittedly, saying all of NIWeek can be reduced to the above LabView RIO (reconfigurable I/O) diagram is a bit of hyperbole. But just a bit. NI’s major announcements orbited around this diagram, as does much of their partner strategy.

To take a deeper look, read my complete column here.

By Larry DJ

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