Cobham leaps into AXIe

The modular instrument industry just became a bit more interesting. Cobham will be introducing a suite of modular products based on AXIe. Expect the introduction in early 2016.

For those of you without a scorecard, Cobham purchased Aeroflex in 2014. Aeroflex has been a major player in modular instrumentation for many years, focused on mil/aero and wireless test applications. In 2003, Aeroflex brought their first RF instruments to PXI.

Cobham’s adoption of AXIe has architectural and industry implications. Cobham exploited AXIe’s rack density advantage to deliver two 6 GHz transceivers in a single AXIe slot, equating to 10 per 4U chassis. This is approximately double the density state of the art PXI transceivers have obtained. Their wide PCIe backplane enables a nominal 16 GB/sec to each slot.  But will Cobham’s adoption of AXIe push it past the tipping point in application adoption?

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By Larry DJ