Inside the Keysight 5G channel sounding system

Frequent readers of the Test Cafe blog know that I’ve added a recent focus on 5G characterization and test systems. Why? It’s simple. Test Cafe discusses instrument architectures, particularly modular instrument architectures, and 5G presents a key opportunity for modular instrumentation.

Due to 5G’s greater bandwidth and massive number of channels, I made an unequivocal prediction for vendors: if you don’t have a modular solution, you won’t be playing a significant role in 5G. Since that time, National Instruments and Keysight Technologies have introduced some exciting solutions in the 5G mmWave space, all based on modular instruments. Several weeks ago I described the internals of an NI system used by Nokia to create a 2×2 MIMO mmWave 5G prototype system, operating at 73 GHz. Now I’d like to take a look at the Keysight 5G channel sounding system, which combines elements of AXIe, PXI, and traditional instruments.

To read my analysis, go here.


By Larry DJ

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