Top 5 modular instrument news stories of 2015

Frequent readers know of this column’s particular focus on modular instruments, specifically PXI and AXIe. 2015 was another banner year for these standards as they continued to outgrow the test and measurement industry as a whole.

New products, new architectures, new vendors, and new applications continue to fuel the modular disruption in our industry. Since test and measurement dynamics change at a slower rate than those of the consumer industry, one can be forgiven for not recognizing the disruption occurring in our midst. A company does, however, so at its own risk. As 2015 winds to a close, I thought I’d choose the top 5 news events of the year that characterized the disruption we are now experiencing. Some are technically related, such as 5G wireless or FPGAs. Others cover surprise announcements from vendors such as Cobham, Keysight, or National Instruments.

To see the countdown of the top stories, click here.


By Larry DJ

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