National Instruments releases 2014 Tech Trends

Each year, National Instruments releases an outlook for the industry segments it serves.  These are released as documents available from their web site.  Last year, NI released four: one each for automated test, data acquisition, embedded control, and education.

This year, NI released just two- an overall trend watch across all markets called NI Trend Watch 2014, and another focused specifically on automated testing.  Though this column traditionally serves the test market, I’m going to focus this blog post on the overall report, NI Trend Watch 2014.  There are many interesting aspects to this report.

First of all, as a fellow prognosticator, I have sympathy with NI.  It isn’t easy to predict new trends every year in the measurement industry.   There trends are worth a read.  But if you have limited time, you can just read my review.